The Spirit of Christmas Present

My intentions were noble, but life interfered! I don’t have to tell you that this time of year is BUSY! My little ones have had plays, choir rehearsals, play dates, homework, rashes (OK, only one had a rash, but I had to pick him up from school!)…and the list goes on! Not a lot has been happening in my sewing room for Christmas. YET! This week is still packed with school activities during and after school, but NEXT WEEK, we are staying at home all week! Woo Hoo! I see cookie baking and sewing in my future! Well, make that CAKE baking…gotta squeeze in a birthday for my little one this weekend. Which means I’d better get those birthday projects sewn…..but I digress!

Here is what I have planned:
1. Finish these projects (mostly things the children have requested):

2. Make this year’s Christmas PJ’s:

3. Make my Christmas tree skirt that I’ve been planning for YEARS! You see, when I was growing up we always used my Grandmother’s handmade skirt. It was felt, with hand beaded and sequined decorations. I never knew my Grandmother because she passed away while my mother was still just a girl. I’ve always wanted to carry on her tradition and have a skirt like hers….one day I’ll pass it on to my children. However, my plan is a little different. Since we’ll have such a quiet week next week, I plan to have each of the children sequin and bead their own decoration for the skirt. I’ll put it all together and we’ll use it every year. When they are all grown, I’ll disassemble the skirt and divide the decorations among us all…and make us all new skirts! We can then all remember our Christmases together.

I’ll do my best to update my blog with our completed project. In the meantime, here is a little project I made for a friend last week:

It’s just a quick little T-shirt dress I whipped up.  I made the little gingerbread girl’s bow on my serger with some decorative thread, which was fun!

I also made the fabric ribbon on my serger using a rolled edge and the same decorative thread.  Have I told you how much I love my serger?

I digitized the color roll as an in-the-hoop project a few years ago…it comes in handy a lot!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today!  I can’t wait to visit everyone from the Linky Party!  Thanks so much Laurie for hosting!  Now I’d better get started on my to-do list because if I sit here much longer, I’ll be working on the same project as my kitty:

Merry Christmas!!

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  • ShirleyC

    The little dress is darling, and good luck with your other projects. One year I made Christmas stocking in July so I could assure myself of getting them done.

  • Laurie Anderson

    Your kitty looks like my little Anabelle! She’s been such a good little nurse-maid for Molly – it’s precious to see her lick Molly’s head and Molly to push her head towards her asking for more!
    I LOVE the Christmas Flannels! Next Christmas I am going to start the Christmas PJ tradition with my grandsons – not enough time this year!
    I love your Tree Skirt Idea! I was thinking that it might be cool to give each child a panel to do, then sew each panel together, then someday, they can have their panel to be made into a new tree skirt – or maybe that is what you are doing – don’t mind me, my mind is racing in too many directions right now!
    Love the gingerbread dress and all the accessories! Ohhh to have a girl to sew for!

  • Elisabeth Rose

    Your projects are great. I love the idea for the tree skirt, so everyone can start their own with a piece of it some day. You could even make it in wedges, so that each wedge would come apart later. My Mom used to make all the felt decorations with sequins, too, and we still enjoy them each Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sew Shine

    I think the panel idea sounds awesome! Maybe I’ll put the panels together with entredeux…I’ll have to think on this a bit more before next week! Better think fast…this week I KNOW is gonna fly by!