The Spirit of Christmas Past

Merry Christmas! I’m so excited to participate in Monday Memories! Thanks, Laurie, for hosting this party…I’ve already found some old online friends, an am looking forward to making new ones. :)

So, for the first several years of my married life, my husband and I were both in school (read “no time to sew”). So I don’t have a lot of sewing Christmases to draw from, but I’ll do my best.

Every year, I let the children open ONE gift on Christmas Eve. It always consists of NEW Christmas pajamas and they absolutely love the tradition. I love to sew and embroider, so usually I sew pants, then embroider tees. Last year, I digitized a picture from each child’s pants and appliquéd it on their shirts:

One year, I happened to find this awesome Star Wars fabric in flannel which was a big hit for the boys!

For my daughter I found some cute, festive Hello Kitty flannel. I digitized a present for her shirt:

Here’s a closeup of the applique:

It’s funny how much they LOVE opening the Christmas Eve present…even though they know it is PJs…the fabric is always a surprise!

Probably my favorite sewing project was making matching outfits for the children one year. I made a patchwork twirl skirt for my daughter:

For my sons, I took a ready-made vest and drafted my own pattern, then sized it down for the younger boy. I was SO excited to have success at this process that I stayed up late on the 23rd to make the boys ties so they could all match on Christmas Eve. I was SO PROUD of the fact that I had made them their outfits! I COULD NOT WAIT to see them all dressed up and take pictures!!

The next day, we were getting ready to go to church, and I realized that I had NO WHITE SHIRTS for the boys! :( They ended up going to church in red sweaters instead.   The Lord humbled me that day…it was for HIM we were going to church, not to display my outfits.  Without Him, I wouldn’t have had reason to celebrate and sew pretty outfits for the children. 

 Oh how I loved this trip down memory lane! I enjoyed digging through my old photos….so many treasured memories! Now I look forward to reading about YOUR memories! Visit Laurie’s blog here and join in the fun!

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  • Laurie Anderson

    LOVE your post – this is soooo much fun for me! I loved your story about the vests and ties – and it humbled me to read it – soooo very true and something we all need to be reminded of! I also love the tradition of making pj’s and letting the kids open them up the night before Christmas. I know alot of people who have this tradition and I think it’s time I started this tradition for my grands! Thank you soooo much for participating in my Linky Party – you have no idea how much I appreciate each and everyone who has taken the time to participate! Merry Christmas!

  • Saranorrisltd

    Love your cute creations!!

  • Laura Johnson

    Loved this post!! Your pajamas are all so cute. I was smiling as I read about the vests and ties. I can imagine your disappointment after all your hard work and they turned out so beautiful. A humbling lesson, you are right! I can relate. :)

  • ShirleyC

    I’m glad you found me. I love the idea of embroidered tees and pj pants. I do those most of the time for the grands. Your are adorable. We always gave our own kids pajamas on Christmas Eve to open.

  • Morgane @ Beardollyandmoi

    great idea to give Pj on Christmas eve, and love the star wars theme!
    thanks for visiting