I Said YES to the Dress!

I am THRILLED to be blogging tonight.  I couldn’t wait to get pictures up of my dress for the gala on Saturday (yes, we are down to the wire, but at least I’m not still sewing!).  My DH and I are going to a black tie gala tomorrow night and I chose a few patterns of dresses I liked.  I let DH make the final choice and he chose (of course) the hardest of them all.  A Vogue (pattern #V2880).  Made with chiffon.  CHIFFON!  27 pieces of CHIFFON!  I would not have even considered this project if it had not been for this baby:

Love this baby!

So, on to the dress….I’d love to talk about all the ways I DIDN’T follow the instructions, but I’m too excited for that now!  PICTURES FIRST!Gala DressGala Dress

Gala Dress

Gala Dress

Gala Dress

Can you believe this pattern calls for a 1/4″ narrow hem on all of that chiffon?  I DON’T THINK SO!!  Set my serger for a rolled hem and knocked out the finish on the rufffles in no time!  Used my serger to gather too!  WAHOO!!  I love my serger!  I don’t think I could have finished this dress with my hair intact if it weren’t for my serger.

Thanks for visiting and letting me share my excitement!  This is by far the most ambitious garment project I’ve ever done…the foundation has boning (went in super easy) so I was a bit intimidated (but shouldn’t have been).  I’ll post pictures of me in it sometime after Saturday night.  SEW EXCITED!!


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  • http://twitter.com/SewNso Laurie Anderson

    Wow Rebekah! That dress looks GREAT! I have the same serger and I just LOVE it too! Beautiful work!

  • http://www.sewshine.com Rebekah

    Thanks so much Laurie! I learn something new with every project! I really agonized over getting the serger, but I am SO glad I did! Just wish it did my dishes too! And laundry! THAT would be truly awesome!

  • http://www.fabricsnquilts.com Fabrics N Quilts

    ok, I looked for a post with you modeling… It’s a must see!  The dress is so gorgeous!

  • donna mortensen

    wow!  this is beautiful.  I am duly impressed.

  • http://sewshine.com/blog Sew Shine

    You are too kind! It definitely was a labor of love! I learned a lot on this project!

  • Jeanette Henderson

    oh my goodness!  That is gorgeous!!!  I love that dress!!!
    Thanks for dropping by SweetJeanette and your tip about using the floss to cut those cinnamon rolls!  I’m definitely putting that to practice next batch I make!   You’re sew Sweet!