Wedding dress for us girls!

SO…my blogging isn’t going quite as well as I had anticipated.   My blogging is not going as OFTEN as I had anticipated.  I was shooting for a new blog each week, and you can see how well that has worked out.  I HAVE, however, been doing some things in the sewing room, so now I actually have something to talk about!

We attended a wedding in October which (of course) required new dresses for the girls in the house (that would be me and my dd).  My daughter swims in ready-to-wear clothes because she is tall and skinny.  (I use that as my excuse for why I HAVE to sew for her!)  I have had success making two sizes smaller than her RTW garments, but lengthening a TON!  She looks beautiful in her “slim” dresses…oh how I wish I had that problem!

SO, for the wedding, I let her pick out a pattern and some awesome fabric from our local quilting shop.  I was surprised at the fabric she chose, but it is very grown-up and turned out beautiful!  Here is her dress:


I modified the pattern by adding a wide sash at the waist and adding the accent trim on the bottom of the dress.  I also added the matching fabric ribbon on the bodice to help tie everything in.  I have a dainty fabric flower that we attached to the center of the fabric ribbon on the bodice…but alas, these pictures were taken before that little detail was added!  Since DD LOVES to wear fabric flowers in her hair, we made a matching fabric flower for her to wear.  She looked just perfect!

As many of you know, I’ve been working on getting in shape (many of you are my friends on  To celebrate some success, I decided to make a dress for ME!  Sewing for myself is something I rarely do, but I really had a fun time sewing a new dress.  I ordered fabric from a Twitter friend @FabricFlair and she got the order to me right away!  I chose some AWESOME fabric!  I chose to make it into a maxi dress and am very pleased at how it turned out.  It is difficult to tissue fit a dress to the seamstress, though.  SO, DH and I are working on a duct tape double so that I may have an easier time fitting things to myself next time.  At any rate, here is the finished product:

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Boys’ Wallets

This week, I had a special request from DS1 (and subsequently DS2–he does whatever his older brother does) for a new wallet.  Not wanting to spend a lot of $$ on store-bought wallets that would fall apart quickly, I let the boys choose some fabric and I whipped up these babies on my serger.  I was particularly happy with the way they turned out considering that I drafted my own pattern!  The only problem is….now DD wants one too!  I’ll stitch hers soon and post a tutorial!


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A New-To-You Project!

Well, I accomplished 10 minutes of sewing this weekend before the little ones needed me.  SO, again, nothing new (to me) to blog about, but here is something new to you!

This is a baby quilt I made for a dear friend who was having her fourth baby…the first boy of the family.  I wanted to make her something unique and fun for a boy even after the baby phase was gone.  Here’s what I came up with:Joshua 1:9

It is called “Wherever You Go” based on Joshua 1:9.  This quilt was fun because it was my *first quilt ever* and because I digitized the little trees (you can barely see them in the corners there)!  It was fun putting new skills to work, and I enjoyed every moment.

I keep thinking that I need to make a duplicate, because I miss that little quilt.  You get so attached during the construction process that it feels like you’re giving your child away!  However, the joy on the face of the recipient is SO worth it!


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Itty Bitty Baby Dress (Otherwise titled: No, I haven’t been sewing)

Summer is in full swing and I am sad to say that I haven’t done much sewing.  The past three weeks have been full of Vacation Bible School, Art Camp, and (sadly) strep throat!  Fortunately the strep only got to me and my little ones were spared the horrendous sore throat.  Every night (tonight is no exception) I think, “tomorrow will be the day for much sewing!”  However, tomorrow turns into trips to the library, helping little ones with reading, running to violin lessons, or Bible study, or a play date (for the children).  I LOVE it!  But, my mind always drifts to the sewing project that I am itching to start or finish.

I am trying my best to give my blog my all, but how do you blog about sewing when you haven’t *ahem* actually done any sewing?  You blog about all of the projects you did when there was no blog!  Perhaps that is the only sewing satisfaction I can get this summer.  If you can’t sew, you can at least talk about sewing! 

Itty Bitty Baby Dress

I found this pattern on Made by Rae several years ago and had to wait two years until I finally had a friend who was expecting a girl.  (We had a run of boys there for a while)!  I almost thought I’d have to convince DH we needed to try for another girl…just so I’d have an excuse to try this pattern!

I absolutely adore making sets!  It just feels complete to make two things that match (is that crazy?) so I included a quick baby quilt for the new mom.  I had just gotten my new serger and so wanted to try piecing on it.  My conclusion is: in a rush, serging a quilt top is a huge time saver, but I don’t know that I’d want to use it on all of the quilts I piece.  I was pleased with the way this one turned out, though, and the seams are very secure.  I serged the entire project…I even used my ruffling foot on the serger to make the ruffled edge on the quilt.  This project helped solidify my <LOVE> of my serger and all things sewing! (Doesn’t every project?)

I whipped up the baby dress in no time…again using my serger to do it.  I don’t know what I did before my serger! (Have I mentioned that I love my serger?)  I wasn’t expecting to blog about this little baby dress so the pictures aren’t the best.  I pulled these from my “projects” folder…it’s like my sewing scrapbook.  The flower is made from ric-rac (wish I had a closer picture) and I used it in place of a monogram.  The parents were not sharing the name until the birth, so I didn’t have initials!  I thought it worked well with the matching ric-rac trim.  I think I had checked a book out of the library on flowers and got the idea from there, but there are some awesome blogs that have tutorials on ric-rac flowers. Here is one.

Behold, Children are an heritage from the Lord.  Psalm 127:3When I gift a baby set, I love for it to reflect my love of children.  In this case, since I didn’t know the new mother’s nursery theme or the child’s name, I chose my favorite verse about children.  I digitized the embroidery design myself…I just wanted something very simple and airy, so this is what I came up with.  Perhaps I’ll put it up on my site sometime soon.

This dress is just the sweetest little dress you’ve ever seen.  It is so incredibly small!  Meant to be worn by the newborn only.  I think it is awesome to have a special gift that can be tucked away in the baby book to remember just how small they are as newborns.  (I say this as my oldest just turned 12!  My how the time flies!)  There is an awesome Flickr group and you can see TONS of different dresses.  Next time, I’m going to choose some really awesome fashion fabric…those dresses really turn out sweet!

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My times, they are a changing!

Welcome to my blog!  I’ll start with WHY a blog?  In the fall, all of my little ones will be in school, so I’m setting myself up for filling my lonely time with my sewing passion.  No longer will my days be filled with picking up toys, helping with computers and kissing boo boos.  It makes me so sad to even type those words.  I enjoy the company of my children, and love doing those things for them (well, maybe not the picking up toys part).  Fortunately, I’ll still get to do these things after school!  However, I’ll have to do something while they are away…can’t just sit around and eat bon bons all day.  (What ARE those anyway?) 

I LOVE to sew for children and am inspired by the joy I see on their face when they receive a special custom made gift.  I have been so inspired by many online forums and blogs, but have not had the time to “give back” to these communities.  So, here I am!  A blog for others to peek into my sewing world a tiny bit!

I am fortunate to be the featured Zibbeter this week!  Haven’t heard of Zibbet?  Click on my links to the right and check it out.  Zibbet is a community much like Etsy, but you can add outside links and widgets.  You can link to your blog, your flickr site, even your Etsy store!  No relisting fees on Zibbet (which is really cool) lets you keep more of your profit.  I decided that this was the perfect time for my first blog post.  I’ll try my best to be diligent with my blog, but my days now are filled with splashing, laughter, and *sigh* picking up toys!  Look for me to pick up my activity in August!

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